1. Italian Projects Online provides architectural and interior design online consultancy services.
  2. The user of the site is to be understood one who agrees to the terms contained in this page and accepts the payment of the required services.
  3. The user declares to have read and accepted the cost of service and method of payment.
  4. It is not expected refund of the amount paid by the user, even partially, for the service requested and obtained.
  5. As we provide customized services, according to Article 55 paragraph 2 - letter C of Italian Legislative Decree no. No. 185 of 06/09/2005, we do not apply the right of withdrawal provided by the above Decree.
  6. Whereas the provided service is based on data, surveys and informations given by the user, Italianprojectsonline can not guarantee the accuracy of the proposal with the real situation on the ground. Italianprojectsonline can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies that possibly be encountered in the real applicability of the proposed solutions. To this end, the user Italianprojectsonline exempt from all responsibility.
  7. Complaints about any provided service must be submitted within seven days of receipt of the material to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are committed to respond as soon as possible and to make a new design if we believe the criticism by the customer based and motivated, without any additional cost to them.
  8. The works are supplied and shipped by e-mail in jpg or pdf or tiff digital format, or by ordinary mail printed on paper (with additional cost); the original files of the project are not provided and remain property of Italianprojectsonline, guarded in its archive.
  9. Italian Projects Online reserves the right not to provide all or part of the services required if, after a final analysis of the material submitted by the user, considers impossible to develop a serious proposal, professional and reliable.
  10. Generally Italian Projects Online operates and manages to scrupulously respect the delivery of its performance in the allowed time. However, in special cases, it may takes more days to complete the contract. The delivery time stated in the website is therefore not to be considered fixed, but is considered an average time.
  11. The payment of the service requested by the user can only be made within the time specified.
  12. The user grants release to publish what we sent to him on our website or on other websites, and may opposes to publication communicating, within thirty days of receipt of the material, his will. If no opposition arrives with us will be worth the silent consent.
  13. Italian Projects Online reserves the right to suspend or terminate some or all service giving notice of thirty days. All fees, come down before notification of suspension or termination, will be delivered, as reported by the terms.