architetto bacci leonardo

In order that an architectural project meets its fundamental mission, which is the living, it must necessarily arise from furnished space. Only in this way a project can be said organic and Architecture liveable.

Arch. Bacci Leonardo

Italian Projects Online comes from the idea and the need to produce and provide project consultancy online by italian architects through the new Web tools, reducing distances, time and money.

Our design Studio is composed of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and even photographers, each with extensive experience in their own field.

Our philosophy is that good design has to start from the study and definition of interior spaces and furniture. And it’s for this reason that our experience and our knowledge in this field, which draw from the italian tradition and design, allow us to plan environments prepared for “standard” industrial products or for custom artisan products.

We can also provide, for people who need not only the project, even traditional performance "on site" with regard to building works in progress and construction management, as well as we can manage the supply of interiors and furniture of any kind, because we cooperate with many important Italian companies.