What is it?

The “project online” is a consulting and assistance design service made and provided by professional architects that takes place through the “web” instruments, which are those used with PC, tablet or smartphone; like any other commercial web portal, this tool allows you to buy intellectual products and services speaking of Architecture and Interior Design online that is from the comfort of your own home.

Who is it for?

For private people who intend to renovate or to build from scratch their house, and who need to have custom ideas and advices to create, divide and "color" their own environments according to their needs and aspirations.

For businesses who intend to renovate or create from scratch their own working environments (shops, showrooms, offices) or simply to renew the furniture and the internal distribution.

For construction companies who need a design and graphic support to customize properties that will be built and placed on the market, spending as little as possible.

For real estate agents who need for selling to offer their properties with a "look" more pretty as possible, thanks to a nice graphical presentation.

Why should?

Low cost projects and graphic presentations.

Fast execution of the project thanks to the relationship "on line".

Comfort in getting material, you always have an architect at home.

Architects and designers "italian style" with years of experience.

Give value to your property with a minimum cost of project!

How it works?

Our service makes available an architect online to provide a series of design options, from the simplest to the most elaborate, trying to meet all the demands on the various types of intervention required. The execution mode is the following:

Choose the intervention type and the “project package” to suit your needs (basic, medium, full) in the "Services and Costs" section.

Fill in and send the form in the "Contacts" section indicating more ideas, needs or problems that you can, attaching the material we need to develop the proposal (maps in scale or with measures, even by hand, photographs, structural and technical drawings, various ).

You will be contacted within a few days, by e-mail*, to:

  • Confirm receipt of your request with attached material.
  • Communicate the delivery of the project (ranging from 15 to 20 days).
  • Confirm the amount of the cost on the service required and communicate the payment method.

*If more informations will be needed, you will can be contacted by phone.

pay the amount for the service requested, then our organization will be activated to work on your project!

the project will be sent by e-mail, complete with everything that involves the package chosen, in pdf or jpg. On request we can also send the material by ordinary post printed on paper (additional cost).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through our contact form or at our e-mail: